Essay on importance of road safety in india

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Essay on Road Transport System of India

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We should never do so, and page how to respond to horns and other assignment sounds so as to become confused of an underwhelming vehicle. The court has to be acquired that the person who has resorted to PIL has peculiar interest in the time. Short Essay on Road Safety Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On May 31, By LightHouse Road safety means that we move along the road in a safe manner, i.e., keeping ourselves free from harm or injury at the roads.

Road safety rules in India are designed as per the best interests of citizens. As a citizen, you have certain important roles and responsibilities.

For making the safety efforts successful, you need to follow the rules persistently. Also, road safety is important because it reduces a couple of costs that are incurred when accidents occur on our roads. There are numerous financial losses that accrue from a road accident.

There are physical damages on the road infrastructure and the roadside properties. The following summaries are posted ONLY when debates are RELEVANT to topics given in UPSC syllabus.

They are NOT posted daily. Lok Sabha, Rajya Sabha and All India Radio Discussions – Summaries. Rajya Sabha TV In Depth: Ayushman Bharat – Insuring Health.

India has billion people living in 25 states, speaking 19 major languages and over a dialects, practicing over about 6 religions and belonging to thousands of castes and sub-castes.

Road Safety Essay

Road safety is an important topic in the world of transportation and economics at large. In logistics management, transport plays a vital role in moving goods and services from place of production to the market and also movement of the buyers from their residential, companies or business location to the market and back.

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