German states in 1524 1526 essay

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German Peasants' War

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The German Peasants’ Revolts were a series of revolts occurring from in which peasants ran amok throughout the German states, with some groups converging on the town of Memmingen, Swabia, to form a Peasant Parliament and voice their grievances in the Twelve Articles of the Swabian Peasants.

German Peasants' War

Peasants' War The Peasants' War was a revolt of German peasants who were fighting German nobles because they were unhappy. This revolt lasted from tillit began in the German states, and the main reason for the revolt was new Lutheran ideas that were beginning to go against the traditional Catholicism ideas.

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Thesis: God’s will and royal oppression is what drove the peasants to rebel in the German states; with their numbers, the Holy Roman Empire’s authority was weakened, economy affected, and most of all society suffered chaos; the poor mans’ revolts proved to be effective against the weak.

In this essay I will examine the principal reasons which led to the failure of the Peasants Revolt in of and the responses to the peasants’ revolts in the German states,–Historical Background: In latepeasants, craftsmen.

German states in 1524 1526 essay
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