My mother land india

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171 words Short Essay on my Motherland India

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My Motherland India – Essay on My Country for Student

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Many given people were born in India. My Mother land India. likes. The main purpose of bringing out this musical page is to infuse into the young minds our buddies the feeling of. Here is your short paragraph on my motherland: My name is Ruchika Mehta.

I am a citizen of India.

Short Paragraph on My Motherland (438 Words)

India is my mother country. I love my country and its motherland view very much. Advertisements: My motherland is very vast covering a big area.

I love my India

It starts from big Himalayas in. August 15 is a memorable day in the history of India. It was on August 15,that India won her independence after a long and bitter struggle.

At the stroke of midnight, Jawaharlal Nehru read.

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My Motherland INDIA. updated their profile picture. · June 29, · Popularly known as the Grandfather of the Nation, Dadabhai Naoroji, the great patriot who was in the forefront of the freedom movement, was a devout Zarthoshti who always upheld the tenets of our religion.

"My Motherland" (simplified Chinese: On this stretch of ancient land There is youthful vigor everywhere 3. Solo.

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Great mountains, great rivers, a great land Every road is broad and wide If friends come, there is fine wine But if the wolves come Those who greet them have hunting guns.

India is one of the oldest civilizations in the world, spanning a period of more than years, and witnessing the fusion of several customs and traditions, which are reflective of the rich culture and heritage of the Country.

My mother land india
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